Beauty 411: my top five nail lacquers

First off - thank you for the feedback on crafting a beauty series. I'm excited to add different content to the site on a regular basis.

Second - what happened yesterday? Truth: I was overwhelmed. I was hosting a media event in the morning and stayed up late working the previous night. I was too cross-eyed to form a sentence.

But! I'm back! Let's kick things off with NAILS!

I love getting my nails done, however I have no time for manicures these days. As it were, I've learned to do my own and get pretty darn close to the real thing. Thankfully, mass drugstore beauty continues to improve upon their technology and I've discovered some really great products on the inexpensive side.

Two things you need to know about me: 1. I'm always in a rush 2. ...shocker, I do not have time for my nails to dry. Like at all. 

I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that all of these polishes dry in 60 seconds or less which means I can layer more applications and achieve deeper, saturated color. This is a plus in my books!

Here are my top five lacquers:

  1. CoverGirl Outlast - lav-endure: it's opaque and the perfect lilac color. It also has a built-in top coat which is amazing. Generally my applications last a full 7 days.
  2. CoverGirl Outlast - go-go mango: same brand and i love it for it's saturated color. this is a great summer hue on bronze-y skin. This one also has a built in top coat. I love that because it saves me time and extra steps.
  3. Essie - bikini so teeny: looks similar to lav-endure but it's more on the blue side. I love wearing this color with an all black outfit. And if you're a blogger, the color pops in pictures which is fun!
  4. Ulta - moody blues: dries immediately. I apply two coats and walk out the door. They have a myriad of colors, too! For $6 I don't mind picking up a few and experimenting. This brand doesn't last a full week but it's easy to remove which is a plus because dark colors are a betch to get off.
  5. Nicka K - red ripe apple: the perfect red, in my opinion. Two coats is all you need and no streaks. This brand does need a top coat. I sport it in the winter and for the holidays. It's not quite a wine nor a cherry red...somewhere in between. 

Those are my faves! What are yours?

What do you want to hear about next week? Happy Friday!

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