#101lovestravel: Napa

Napa was delicious in every way possible. It was our first getaway without the nuggets. Make that our first trip in three years! Note to self: this cannot happen again. We finished conversations, literally went numb with relaxation and interrogated every winemaker/sommelier in the valley...ok, that was just me. But, still...Napa is just one HUGE photo opp waiting to happen so I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the trip. Follow along...

Being able to use my Nikon for non-related style posts was a treat. There was so much detail to capture. Napa is special to us. Not only did we celebrate our fourth anniversary but we also got married there. 

Frias goes down in the books as one of my favorite tastings. It was something out of a movie. "A Walk in the Clouds" comes to mind, which if you haven't seen...you should. Take that back, if you're a wino, it's a prerequisite that you see this and "Sideways". Picture the antithesis of a commercial vineyard tasting. As in, you walk up and sit at a picnic table under a tent and the actual winemakers scurry about to offer you different varietals, breadsticks and cheese while they give you the history of their business. This is not typical but man, I loved it.

Paraduxx. A truly fun tasting. Lounge-y scenery coupled with delicious reds and a humorous host. I think rose is my new MVP.

We went on one sparkling tasting. Mumm was beautiful. Did I mention I am going through

cheese plate withdrawal ? Third world problems, I know.

Our days were structured as such:

6:46am - Hi, why are we up? Dammit!

7:15am - God, I love Matt Lauer.

8:00am - Wow. I'm parched. Where do we get a juice and coffee?

8:30am - Ahhhh caffeine. Let's answer some emails. Wait...what the heck are we doing? Let's drink wine!

9:30am - Hey-o...first tasting of the day! Let's do this!

11:00am - Where do we get a cheese plate in this joint? And can I get another glass of sauv blanc, please?

12:00pm - I need to Instagram this.

1:30pm - God, we are funny. We'll take a case of the zinfandel. Please and thank you. 

3:00pm - Let's take a picture. Are we getting another case?

4:00pm - Homie, I need a nap. Must. Nap. Before. Dinner.

5:30pm - Shower time. Where's my glass of wine?

7:15pm - Let's eat. Bottle or no? Yeah...let's get a bottle. Is that bad? It's our anniversary.

8:45pm - I need to Instagram this.

8:46pm - I miss our girls.

enter gelatinous stage....

9:45pm - Should we get in our pajamas?

9:46pm - Zzzzzz (dreaming of pinot noir, natch)

P.S. If any of you want more detailed recos of the valley -email me!

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