Summer in the city + the Janelle Monae Concert

While Chicago winters can be kinda brutal, the summers make it the greatest city on earth. There's no way you'd argue with me if you visited the Taste of Chicago this week. My friend, Tabitha, and I had the opportunity to check out the Janelle Monae concert on Thursday and it was amazing.
I will never tire of this skyline nor 75 degree weather.
The Illinois State Lottery hosted the #apmusicseries which stands for "Anything is Possible". Different artists will grace the stage over the course of the next week and it just so happens we were fortunate enough to take them up on a VIP Tent invitation for this show. 

The food was delish! I couldn't resist stuffing a few of these concert ticket look-a-like sugar cookies in my tote before we left. 

As for the Electric Lady herself - she rocked! She's a female version of Cee Lo meets Prince meets George Clinton. Only a heck of a lot cuter with red lipstick, natch! Psychadelic soul at its best.

Check out this song if you want to take a listen.

Thank you Illinois State Lottery for an awesome night!

It was one of those perfect, city nights that make you 
fall in love with Chicago all over again!

Check out Tabitha's live video link from the show.

*pictures snapped from Tabitha and I
* this is a sponsored post