Roses & the Bouqs. Company

Fresh flowers rank among the top of my list when it comes to making a home a home. Ballet, pink roses might just be my favorite. Thanks to the Bouqs Company, these gorgeous roses have left a heavy scent throughout my entire first's divine. 

You might have caught them originally on Shark Tank which is where I first saw them. Not only can you receive your Bouq the next day, you can be assured that your arrangement is grown on eco-friendly, sustainable farms nurtured by melted volcanic ice. They only cut when you order reducing the amount of wasted stems other companies encounter. I like the sound of that.

This is my arrangement on Day 5. I can tell you my grocery store blooms do not hold a candle to the "Sweetness" bouquet I ordered. Day 5! I'm usually tossing them by this time but they continued to bloom and get fuller over time. 

A close up of Day 6. Heavenly. I'm officially sold on the quality of the Bouqs. Company. For $40, that's the kind of simple pleasure I can make room for in my budget. Thank you Bouqs!!

*this is a sponsored post