Celebrating America!

Last weekend was one for the books. We fit in tons of family time, celebrated my parents' birthdays, ate, drank, shopped at IKEA...heck, I took a nap every afternoon. What's bad about that?

You may remember, our family loves a good parade. (here and here) Turns out our littles love parades (free candy!) just as much as we do.

I have to say - the girls are at such precious ages right now. They are so enthusiastic about everything!

After the parade extravaganza, our good friends had a 4th of July party as their house sits on a golf course where the fireworks go off. Kids, friends, wine and good food. And how about that perfect weather?

The brilliant host kicked off a post dinner candy scavenger hunt in the backyard for the kids which was the highlight of the night. Bonus: I ate about 23 Tootsie Rolls on the couch that night. It's good to be a mom.

Lola and Olivia will be fighting over this handsome devil in coming years. If you ask Olivia who her boyfriend is, she immediately starts blushing. Who knew 3 years olds blush? Husband - if you're reading this...we are screwed!

I hope you soaked up the sun and had as much fun as we did. I vote that all holidays be accompanied by theme dressing BTW. It's so much more festive! xo

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