Beauty 411: May Beauty Box Five

The May Beauty Box Five fulfilled my need to ditch all my winter beauty products and start anew. One has to change up their routine, no? Lighter moisturizers, sun protection, oil-free get the gist. Say no more because last month's box covered all the bases for me. Here's what I loved about each product:
  1. MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: (not pictured) I used this puppy instantly. It was such an amazing mask. The scent reminded me of Hawaiian blooms. Picture a hydrating sheet mask that you apply to your face for several a lunch time facial. It was paraben-free, vegan friendly and there was no mess. Bonus: 100% biodegradable. I will be buying these for future use; if anything just to cool down after a day outside!
  2. H2O Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel: I need to get my hands on every oil-free product I can in the summer months. My skin goes into overdrive and it's a "slippery slope" from there - literally! H2O can do no wrong in my books.
  3. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths: OK, you need this. Trust me. What a genius invention! Essentially they are body cloths that smell like baby powder when you need a quick rub down after a long day at work, the gym or the pool. This was my favorite out of the entire box.
  4. Harvey Prince "Hello" Perfume: (not pictured) This pretty floral scent never made it past a week. I spritzed it mid-day for a quick refresh. Key notes included mandarin, grapefruit and plumeria. For the record, I would totally buy the full size version.
  5. CATTIVA Precisione Eye Liner: This bad boy is waterproof and retractable hence no sharpener needed! I wore mine in the pool and upon further inspection, everything stayed in tact despite the toddler monkeys hanging off me. No smudges...also paraben-free!
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