What I really want for my birthday. Pssst...it's next Friday!

My birthday is next Friday. The 23rd to be exact. And ya know, I'm not much into extravagant gifts. Through and through, I'm a fashionista who totally succumbs to the trends. That's right, I own it. Birthdays give me a chance to check off all the items on my list that I refuse to splurge on for various reasons...mostly important ones like my children or sump pumps. Yep, you read that right. (actually my husband and I are heading back to Napa for our anniversary so that's a biggie)

And so, in no apparent order...here's what I'm lusting for. Birthday wish list whoop, whoop!

 Dorothy Perkins Clutch | Choies Suit | Express Crop Top | Dorothy Perkins Shell | HM Crop Top | Asos Scuba Midi Skirt ** | Just Fab Amena Pump | Zara Cut Out Skirt | Zara Pink Blazer | Dorothy Perkins Midi Skirt | Choies Floral Tee | Just Fab Lilou Pump

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