Conversations with Olivia...

This little beauty has discovered her funny bone. She's been making us laugh nonstop and what's even more - she thinks I'm funny. I wish everyone thought I was as funny as my kids do. I digress...enjoy Vol. 2 of "Conversations with Olivia". (Vol. 1 can be found here)

...Mid-April, it snows.
Olivia: Awwww shoot! It's snowing again! lunch.
Lola is squirming around in her high chair.
Olivia: Lola, you're my friend. Actually, you're my best friend. C'mere & gimme a kiss!

...coloring Easter eggs while husband puts Lola to bed.
Olivia: When Dad sees these eggs he's gonna be so happy!

...pointing to my husband's shirt.
Olivia: Dad, what's that?
Husband: It's a Hawkeye. It's the mascot for the school mama and I went to.
Olivia: What's a hot guy?
Husband: (chuckling) No,'s a Hawk-eye.
Olivia: Mama, do you know any hot guys?
Me: (silent)

Husband: Olivia that's just silly.
Olivia: I'm not silly, I'm beautiful Daddy.

...getting ready for Easter.
Olivia: (trots into the bathroom) Ooooh mama, I love your princess dress.
Me: Thank you Olivia.
Olivia: You should dance with Daddy.
Me: I can't right now, Liv. Mama has to get ready so we can leave.
Olivia: Mama, dance with Daddy. He loves you soooo much.

...getting dressed for work.
Olivia: Mom, you look so stylish. (what kind of monster have I created?)

Olivia: Mom!
Me: Yeah?
Olivia: Guess what? Lollipops suck! (laughter ensues but she laughs the hardest)

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