Weekend Field Trip: Grand Geneva

My husband and I were really put through the ringer with sickness and incredibly full work loads this past winter. So much so that one night we were sitting on the couch and we spontaneously booked a mini-vaca with the girls. It's amazing how stress starts to evaporate when you know a big break is around the corner.

We chose the Grand Geneva Resort. I cannot say enough about this place. Whether you have a family or it's just you and your significant other...it's a must-stay in the Midwest. They are incredibly accommodating and the service is impeccable. (and I will answer your next question - no, this is not a sponsored post) We did things like...

...take daily dips in the marble tubs. Bubbles not included.

...take enthusiastic photos in front of giant Easter eggs. Don't my kids look thrilled?
(I put on makeup twice during our vaca. Don't ask me how often I washed my hair.)

...ate dessert at every meal. Chocolate goatee not included.

...take horse-drawn carriage rides with horses named Mabel. HUGE crowd-pleaser.

I fell in love with this horse - such a gentle giant. 

And then Easter happened on Sunday. I should mention that one of the highlights was Moose Mountain Waterfalls Park. One of the hotels on site has an indoor water park that we visited daily. Let it be known that this was our recipe for most excellent naps and our daily happy hour. Highly worth showcasing my pasty legs for the sake of down time. 

I must say the icing on the cake was the mani + pedi treatment my husband let me book for a little "me time" @ the Well Spa which is about 10 steps out the lobby door.

It was a great trip. Our kids had free reign and a total blast. Several restaurants on the property...we rarely got in our car. And we never pulled out a stroller!

Book it...take my word. A little fresh air and sunshine is just what our little family needed!

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