Weekend Field Trip: The Exploritorium

We're so close to warm weather. So close. Yet, our Saturday's are still a little iffy. Last weekend we opted for an indoor activity due to major cloud cover. We chose The Exploritorium. My girl, Tabitha, highly recommended this place. 

I figure the odds of striking out with a giant Lite-Brite are pretty slim. It was rather difficult to pry Lola away from this thing. I guess I can't blame her.

The water features definitely catered to Olivia's age. You'd be amazed how long kids can play with goldfish nets and plastic toys. They even have aprons to keep your kiddos dry.

It's a pretty great bang for your buck. It cost us $20 for the entire family. (the Exploritoirum is part of the Skokie Park District; we paid the non-resident fee) You can bring in your own food which we did because Lola is like a goat and eats all day. Completely stocked with hand sanitizer, too which is a big + in my books. Count on family bathrooms, a cafe area AND the icing on the cake...ample free parking. They have all your bases covered.

They cater to all ages and have additional features like a dress-up stage, a climbing wall, a toddler area plus huge slides and tunnels for the big kids. It was really affordable compared to other indoor cafes.

Does it get crowded? Yes, however if you go at the end of the day...the crowds clear out. Be aware, the hours change on Saturday's and are shortened however we still took advantage and got a good 1.5 hours in (give or take) which was more than enough.

My kids left satisfied and energetic and we left relieved to get them out of the house. Our field trip was completed with a quick lunch at Whole Foods...all parents deserve a glass of wine after tangling with 30 toddlers.

Solid naps guaranteed.

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