The Money Pit Series: our drab entryway

It was looking pretty dark and stormy. Admit it. Ok, I admit. Our entryway...well, it just kinda sucked. Or I could lie and say we were really trying to run with the Halloween theme there for awhile...

Just missing something, right? I agree. I began to hate that mission table that we used in our old condo which clearly did not go with our garden stool and pretty gray walls. It was a real head scratcher for me.

Want to see the new and improved version?

I like it so much better! I think we needed to offset the dark floors and a pop of color truly became a necessity. All white accessories and colorful coffee table books created some points of interest.

We are skipping construction this year and tackling smaller, aesthetic projects so tune in. Spring is always a time of rebirth in our house. Stay tuned for my DIY console table makeover!

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  1. Garden Stool
  2. Ceramic Owl
  3. Entryway Table
  4. Framed Art
  5. Ceramic Dish - thrifted
  6. Ceramic Owl Umbrella Holder
  7. Resin Bookends
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