Beauty 411: March Beauty Box Five

Last month's Beauty Box Five was all about yummy scents. From handmade soapy goodness to coconut-y scrumptious body butter; I can now blame yet another Beauty Box for adding to my long list of beauty obsessions. You can thank me, too...keep reading!
  1. Swissco Dual-sided Facial Pad: Just what my skin needed during the change of season. This is the perfect exfoliation tool but not nearly as harsh as you would expect. Gently massage in small circles and your skin will feel as smooth as a baby's tush!
  2. H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream: Talk about the ultimate moisturizer for your precious hands. I am maniacal about washing my hands throughout the day and I could still feel the moisture sealed in. Gotta love that! And forget the greasy won't encounter that with this hand cream.
  3. BellaPierre Cosmetics Makeup Base: This is a multi-tasker, in other words, do yourself a favor and add it to your makeup bag pronto! It doubles as an illuminator, concealer and eyeshadow primer. Are you excited because I was?! This base has a lightweight, creamy texture that truly hides every imperfection without taking a ton of real estate in my cosmetic bag. 
  4. Jane's Pick All Natural Soaps - Kind: All natural and no chemicals. Words were never sweeter when it comes to my beauty products. Each soap is infused with herbs and flowers and really...they just smell pretty darn good. I display mine in our guest bathroom.
  5. Tree Hut Shea Coconut Lime Body Butter: I love the consistency of this body butter. And the scent is so fantastic that I can ultimately skip perfume all together. It gets me really excited for summer. What part of coconut lime doesn't, right? P.S. My husband said I smell good when I wear it so there's that. BONUS!
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