5 ways to add glamour to your home.

Today's post is all about freshening up your living space and the good news is: it's easy to do! You have five different options that can literally transform some of the toughest of spaces making them chic reading nooks or glamorous entryways. Don't take it from me, read what my friend Emily has to say on the subject...

By Emily Creswick of Zillow
Glamorous interior design maximizes homes’ sophistication, comfort and livability. Fashionable upgrades are worth their cost as they appeal to residents, guests and future buyers searching for homes.

Here are five ways to incorporate the desirable luxe look.

1. Color
Classic glamour pairs neutral tones with trending metallic accents such as silver and bronze. For a regal look, choose warm colors such as navy blue and maroon combined with gold accents.
2. Lighting
Install light dimmers and globe bulbs for soft, subtle lighting. A ceiling chandelier is the perfect addition for a glamorous, vintage look. Less dramatic styles should opt for ornate lamps.
3. Mirrors
Mirrors make spaces appear large and luxurious. Add a trending starburst wall mirror in the bedroom and a functional mirrored side table in the living room.
4. Accessories
Add Lucite trays and chrome coasters in the dining room, and metallic canisters or fruit bowls in the kitchen. Create romantic-glam style in the master suite with brass candelabras on nightstands and glass tumbler tea light candles in the bathroom. 
5. Luxurious Fabrics 
Mix fabrics and textures such as silk, velvet and leather throughout living spaces. Introduce various fabrics with cushions, window treatments and accessories. Keep these accessories similar in hues to complement the overall palette of the room. 
Integrate these five elements in a home to lift any dull space to a pinnacle of glamour. 
Thanks so much, Emily!

images sourced from Zillow Digs

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