Weekend fieldtrip.

Beginning in February, we were craving something different. Something that wasn't quite as routine as our weekends had been. You know the kind: wake up, drink coffee, nap time for the baby and then off to run a million errands with a lunch tucked in somewhere.

Not that that's a bad thing. It's just that...well, we had been doing that alllll winter long due to what feels like the longest winter in America.

So we mixed it up. A family field trip of sorts. Except this field trip was the exception. We were going to ride the train into the city for a day of fun!

"A choo choo train? In the city?"
"Yes Olivia. We are riding a choo choo train..."
"Wow." {mind blown}

The girls had a blast. So much so that when we got back to the train station, Lola was out like a light within 10 seconds of starting the car.

Here is my advice dear parents: create an adventure out of the mundane Saturday. Your tots will talk about it for weeks to follow. Dude and I mean weeks! Olivia is still upset when we drop dad off at the train and she can't go with.

We got off at Union Station and let the girls explore the Great Hall. Next up, lunch at the French Market. This is one of the most kid friendly places. Parents can choose their own adult food without being relegated to junk. Picture amazing lobster rolls, banh mi sandwiches and an ice cold beer followed by a delightful macaroon. Our girls dined on melty grilled cheeses and french fries.

Our kids could roam the aisles freely {we ditched the stroller} and were greeted at each stand by a friendly face offering them treats unsolicited. It was magical for them and a relaxing change from the usual scarfing down food before someone starts throwing crayons. 

Usually you can find some live acoustic on Saturday's that your kiddos can dance to. And yes, this happened.

When it was all said and done, we walked it back to the train for another magical trip back home. P.S. It was just as exciting as the ride in for them...never gets old.

Enjoy exploring one of our favorite spots in the city!