Radical difference.

The thing about skincare is that no two products are alike. There is so much in the marketplace that I often find it confusing as to what's ideal for my skin type. I used to be quite oily but nowadays as I've grown older, my skin has lost moisture, I have fine lines and I suppose I need to worry about anti-aging as well. That's a tall order.

Radical Skincare changed the way I thought about skincare. I never knew I needed Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads in my life until I laid my paws on these. I think this winter did a number on me. I pictured harsh chemicals and raw skin. I'm not sure why. These exfoliating pads were gentle enough for daily use, had a clean scent and actually left my skin feeling moisturized. For someone who has sensitive AND oily skin...this was quite impressive. Slough off dead skin and reduce your pore size while evening out your skin tone. How they do it...I'll never know.

The second product, the Instant Revitalizing Mask, was unlike any other mask I've tried. Typically when you think of masks you think of something you peel off your skin, right? Like the old school masks that actually leave your skin feeling drier than before? Yup, me too.

Not so! My skin felt smoother with every use. This mask optimizes your skin's oxygen reactions for a healthy glow that you notice instantly. What's bad about that? Note: this mask applies and feels like a thin cream that is absorbed into your skin which you simply rinse off after a few minutes. It's a completely different type of mask than I was accustomed to. 

Did my winter skin need a radical change? The answer is yes. Did Radical Skincare deliver? That would be a resounding YES! 

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