Q&A: What degree did you get?

Remember this post? Today marks the first post of my new series in which I answer your questions. I am hoping this takes off!

Q: What degree did you get?
A: I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & English. I went with the intent of becoming a Performing Arts major, however this was quickly squashed when my parents grew concerned about me taking ballet class all day versus learning oh I don't know...math, science, history, art, business. Looking back, I get it. That's a pretty sizeable tuition for dance classes. So, I minored in Performing Arts and graduated with a double major. Get this...my emphasis in Journalism was in Sports Broadcasting. Clearly I am using that every day!

Who woulda thunk, huh'? And yes, now I am in a sales/consulting role for the restaurant industry. Makes sense...

P.S. This picture is of my husband and I at his fraternity pajama party circa 1997. Wow.

More questions please! Submit 'em here! And thank you anon friend!

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