January's Little Luxuries

I am slow in posting this but I wanted to share January's little luxuries. Sorry for the delay - we were  are buried in snow!
  1. I've become embarassingly addicted to this reality show. I surrender.
  2. This breakfast casserole was on repeat. It's sinful.
  3. This is our new family anthem.
  4. I'm hosting an Oscar Viewing Party with tinyprints and I'm really excited.
  5. I might be addicted to a new hairspray. If it's good enough for Zoe, it's good enough for me.
  6. I may or may not be adding these to my food group pyramid.
  7. We booked a date night here for this month!
  8. My pink coat was a great refresh for my wardrobe.
  9. Do you know how addicted I am to cherry hearts and how happy I was when they hit stores last month?
  10. I have insomnia again and this has been a life saver!