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Generally, when I think of food delivery programs,


comes to mind. Or


. I would go so far as to say that I've never met an individual who raved about their home delivery plan. My parents included.

Home Chef

just proved me wrong...and for once, I am happy to be indeed, incorrect.

The program is easy. A weekly plan includes three meals and you can choose the number of servings based on the size of your household. You can even skip weeks. Meal packages arrive on Wednesday's.  Think fresh and local. Each entree is accompanied by a cooking sheet complete with images and step-by-step preparation instructions. It could not. be. easier.

Our first meal was the sauteed shrimp and baby spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and a balsamic reduction. It took us a whopping 15 minutes to prepare. Admittedly, my husband and I were skeptical. Can I just tell you how fresh the produce and proteins were? The seasoning was amazing. Fresh asiago cheese. Fresh garlic. Fresh red pepper. No wilted spinach. It was wonderful.

The second meal was prosciutto wrapped chicken with cavatappi pasta and sweet pea primavera. This was our Valentine's Day dinner. It was unbelievable. The crispness of the peas. The juicy cuts of chicken and savory prosciutto. I felt like I was eating at a restaurant versus watching Captain Phillips on my living room couch. In total, this meal came together in 20 minutes.

Our final meal will be the pan seared strip steak with roasted vegetable hash. We saved this for tonight because Monday's are always so hard for us. 

I want to bring up a great point about Home Chef. The freshness of the ingredients blew me away. So much so that my husband and I are now trying to figure out how and when we can incorporate this plan into our weekly regime. There was nothing bland about these entrees at all! Possibly the best part is that the entrees are healthy so we don't have to feel guilty for eating at 8:30 in the evening.

Finally, and then I will shut up, we did the math and it's roughly $9.95 per person. If we grocery shopped these recipes, we would have had to buy whole bulbs of garlic, a new canister of red pepper flakes, a bag of spinach, a package of prosciutto and, most likely, a lot of the produce would have wilted. If you do the math, these meals would be a lot more expensive thrown together independently but, instead, Relished measures each ingredient perfectly and sends it in individual containers.

I've said enough...try a week with them. We are "eating" our words and they are delicious.

{thank you Relished Foods!}

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