Round table: Taking the leap.

I have a very close friend who's been contemplating starting her own blog. Naturally, I am a huge supporter of writing, especially given how many amazing opportunities and people I've met through 101 Things I Love. It changed who I am.

This friend, we have a lot in common. We lead different lives though. She: in a serious relationship, moved outta state, no kids, hard worker, fun-loving. Me: married, suburban, kids, hard worker, fun-loving as well. There are, however; some specific events in our lives that we share a bond through. This is always a profound thing once you crossover from acquaintance to close amigas. Truth is, she is admittedly concerned and a little fearful of putting herself out there. Yet her expectations are spot on. She's just looking to share and perhaps change one person's perspective.

On starting a blog... If you feel an inkling of desire to write or a void that just can't be filled, chances are you need a creative outlet. And if your mind has already thought about starting said blog, then I have an answer for you. Start a blog.

You don't have to change the world. In fact, it doesn't have to become a business. You can let it grow organically. The worse thing you can do is never try. That's my opinion at least.

I understand the fear of losing your anonymity and putting yourself out there. But as the words of a wise man once said...haters gonna hate. Generally those people have gargantuan amounts of time on their hands. There's another saying, too... you know you've made it in blogging when you start to get mean-spirited, anonymous comments. It kinda makes me smile because I've had my fair share and truthfully, I am so grateful for those anonymous comments. You wanna know why? I'll tell you.

Thanks to you anonymous, I've become:
- mentally stronger...grew a thicker skin.
- more appreciative of my readers.
- kinder. I want to lift people up; not bring them down.
- a better person.
- a better writer.
- a better mother and wife.
- more honest with myself and others.
- less mindful of others' opinions.
- more conscious of my actions.
- more sarcastic and funny. I love not sweating the small stuff.

If that doesn't inspire you...that's okay. This is just my path. My story. And to all of you contemplating on starting a blog or stalling on continuing your blog, chances are you won't encounter any mean-spirited comments. But if you do, at least you know you tried and that makes you a helluva lot cooler than those anonymous commenters.

Go for it...let it be your 2014 resolution!

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