Q&A: How did you know you were done having kids?

You know when I was 23, I told people I didn't want to have children. Ever. I was very driven. I wanted the whole Devil Wears Prada lifestyle and a bag of chips. For a long time I thought there was no possible way to be a successful, career woman and have a family. Obviously this was an incorrect assumption but you only learn through living...and this ol' bag is here to tell you that you can have it...it just takes a finite balance and a lot of wine. Wait...whaaaa? Let's move on...

This brings me to my next topic. "Damn girl, you had kids pretty close in age...are you nuts?" Yes. The answer is yes. I feel very nuts but it's nice because I can blame my children. And you can bet your sweet little tushie that I will tell any and everyone who wants to listen. This includes Linda, the bagger at our grocery store. Linda and I...we go wayyy back.

Back to the topic. I had my first baby at 32. I had my second baby at 34. My nuggets are 15 months apart. You do the math. Wait, I will for you = exhaustion.

Would I change a thing? No. Am I done with children? Yes. I will be 36 in May. I need so much BOTOX that Allergan should sponsor me as the "before and after" lady in their brochures. My last injection was in 2010. I digress...

I wouldn't change a thing. I really wouldn't. I see the bond that strengthens every day with my girls. And when my black heart has hardened from a day on the job; my girls soften it and remind me that none of that is important in the grand scheme of things. Plus, I never had a sister so that's pretty cool.

It was a lot to take on and our plates are full but when it gets tough, my husband hugs me and feeds me alcohol and that is the definition of a superb man. He also knows when mama needs a nap or a break which is also fundamental in keeping me sane.

I think you have to know your limits. See, I really wanted to keep my career going. That meant striking a balance and knowing that I could be a good mom to two, not three. And realistically, I'd need a break after these back to back babies which would put me at having a third baby at age 38? Johanna need not apply. No bueno. I'm tired and we just got back to sleeping again. Shoot, I want to go on a vacation with my husband and that will happen this year, oh yes it will!

Finally, I knew we were done when I realized how hard it was on my body AND how hard it was on our bank account. Kiddos are muy expensive. And the cost of living isn't going down. Don't think for one minute that I am willing to give up my shoe habit! I have to have some sort of legacy to pass down don't I?

So there you have it. Done. Finito.
All kidding aside, I love their precious faces. And I would have loved to have given my husband a boy but as he put it best... "I'd rather not have a son than have three daughters"! Who am I to question the man?