Beauty 411: January Beauty Box Five

It's almost as if Beauty Box Five knew what kind of temps us Midwesterners were dealing with. This month's box is all about moisture and healing. I've spent the last 20 days soothing, exfoliating and massaging dry lips and skin. It's like this company has telepathy! And if you need more of a reason to start a subscription, follow along...

I love these gloves for a lot of reasons. The first being that they dry ultra quick which means no mildew. You know what I'm talking about. The cute stripe pattern doesn't hurt either. Really, it comes down to my elbows and knees. I use these gloves 2x's a week to smooth out dry patches. And they won't leave your skin feeling raw. 

Some of the best cuticle oil on the market. I love nubar products. When I get stressed, I tend to pick at my nails. One swipe of this and the healing begins. I apply it when I am watching TV and done with dishes and diapers. It works quickly and absorbs even quicker. My nails would look haggard if it were not for this product.

I'm a long time H2O fan. This body wash smells divine and holds its own. Right about this time of year, I get sick of vanilla and shea scents. Probably because every brand selects this as their winter flavor du jour. Sometimes you just want clean. It won't dry out your skin either. Do we sense a trend yet?

I like to think of myself as a LPP: lip product professional. I know my way around the lipstick drawer. This was my first introduction to Epic Blend. Not only does it contain my most favorite scent: coconut, but it is pure awesomeness in tube. Not at all greasy. Move over Burt's...there's a new chapstick in town.

Finally, an oldie but a goodie. I forgot how great this formula is. I keep it in my desk drawer. It's great for people who type constantly because it blends so quickly. I pretty much use it everywhere and I noticed that post wash, it's still moisturizing my hands which is pretty phenomenal. It builds a barrier between harsh soaps and your skin which is key in January.

There you have it for this month...drink in the moisture! Be sure to follow Beauty Box Five on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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