Round table: How do you make time for your friends?

My 2013 learnings post is coming up shortly. This is always a big post for takes me a full year to come up with 40 bullet points that impacted my year. On that note, one thing I truly appreciated was the friendships that grew and strengthened. Be it bloggers, fellow school moms, college girlfriends or the wives of my husband's was truly a year of friendship. My friends have invigorated me, inspired me and supported me.

Like all of us, I lead a busy life. I know you mirror my sentiments. And one of the most important parts of every month is the evening I devote to my girls. My husband and I made it a point to allow ourselves one evening every month to do whatever...dinner, drinks, shopping or an event. One night devoted to the people who love us and serve as a sounding board. And it's a treasure. 

 The laughter that my girls provide me keeps me sane. The advice and rationale that they offer is refreshing. The extra shoulder they give me when I am having a frustrating day is more than appreciated. Everyone needs this time. It keeps you human and in touch with the rest of the world. 

And while I wish I could allocate more time to outings such as these...I know we'll get there. Thank you Jen, Ashleigh, Tabitha, Mel, Elsa, Lisa, Kaitlyn, Heather H., Gloria, Amy, Sarah, Erin T, Julie, Lindsey, Erin B, Heather, Christy, Christine, Clara, Amy B, Goldie, Carolyn, Ivona, Erika, Kristin and so many more - I love you guys.

And so I ask of you, dear readers, how do you make time for your girls?