December's Little Luxuries

I'm starting something new on the blog. Since life is all about appreciating the small things; I'm going to share the top little luxuries that are making my list month to month. Starting with December...
  1. I've been stocking piling our fridge with this kale salad mix from Costco. I eat it daily...sometimes for lunch and dinner. Obsessed.
  2. I only purchase spray toner and it's a necessity in my daily routine. Really loving this one.
  3. These are my go-to black pumps for holiday dresses.
  4. I don't drink pop but I do get bored with still water. My husband is ready to host an intervention because I drink so much of this flavor, specifically.
  5. I cannot stop wearing this cardigan. It is so.darn.cozy. {I own 3 styles, great to stock up on in the cold months and totally affordable}
  6. This is THE perfect, black bootie. Use my code for a mega discount.
  7. Does it get any cuter when it comes to salt and pepper shakers?
  8. If you don't have time for a cold like me, start sipping this.
  9. I love these little cords on Olivia.
  10. I finally get what all the hype is about. This lip balm is fabulous!