2013 learnings and epiphanies

Did 2013 just happen? Survey says "yes"!

Here are my thoughts on the past 365 days...
{in no apparent order and still based on my opinion only}
    For past learnings and epiphanies, go here.
    1. What a difference a full night's sleep makes.
    2. What a difference regularly scheduled date nights make! 
    3. Toddlers say some really funny stuff.
    4. Wow...35 years old...not as exciting as it sounds.
    5. Body parts are starting to sag. {shakes fists at the sky}
    6. People who say their baby started sleeping through the night at 2 months are liars.
    7. Forgiveness and the restoration of an old friendship - it's good for the soul.
    8. Juicing was the trend of 2013. My brother juiced for Pete's sake!
    9. Social media is outta control. Not buying into this vine app. Sorry. I'm not sorry.
    10. There's a reason certain Glade Room Sprays are on sale at the grocery store. Such as Nutcracker Crunch - stuff smells horrible!
    11. Construction workers are messy.
    12. I am kidding myself if I think I can drink more than 2 glasses of wine in one sitting.
    13. It's possible to love your new job just as much as your old job.
    14. I need some BOTOX.
    15. Knowing that I am done with child birth is just so awesome. 
    16. Wearing my old jeans is even awesome-er.
    17. Is it a sign I am getting old when thongs become uncomfortable and that's all I used to wear?
    18. Clients that become your friends are the best kind to have.
    19. Seeing your kids get excited when they see their grandparents is the sweetest thing.
    20. Who knew parades are kinda cool?
    21. Gimme a bouncy house and a fenced in yard and I will show you a happy mom.
    22. We finished renovating the first floor...I'm exhausted thinking about the second floor.
    23. Not washing my hair everyday has been a game changer.
    24. I am so grateful we are all healthy.
    25. I'm in a good place. 
    26. You constantly have to reinvent yourself to stay ahead of the curve. Also exhausting.
    27. I have a serious case of wanderlust.
    28. Is it me or is Modern Family funny again?
    29. I am so grateful for the opportunities and people I've met through this blog.
    30. My favorite night is now Friday night. We have dance parties and drink wine. What's bad about that?
    31. Watching your child make friends and enjoy school is just so gratifying.
    32. Mean girls never get ahead in life. They just stay mean.
    33. iPhone updates really suck a nut. I feel duped.
    34. Sometimes I need to learn to say "no". Learning when my plate is full has become a challenge.
    35. But I still want to start my own business. See #34.
    36. Our nanny, and I've said it before, is really an amazing person. We are so lucky to have her.
    37. OOTD posts are really unnatural to me. I feel like a goober.
    38. Cutting my hair short was a smart move.
    39. I love kale chips and I don't care who knows it!
    40. I need to cut back on my caffeine.
    41. I need a European adventure in my life.
    42. ...and a girl's trip. Takers?
    43. It's OK for parents to give themselves a time out. 
    44. Toddler tantrums just plain suck.
    45. We have an unnatural amount of pink princess crap in our house. 
    46. I feel inspired again. Gonna work really hard to create original, invigorating content for this blog.
    47. I regained my confidence in 2013. I feel like myself again.
    48. I saw one movie in the theater this year: The Wolf on Wall Street. If Leo doesn't win an award this year, I am boycotting the awards shows.
    49. I am addicted to Instagram. There, I said it.
    50. I love my husband for supporting me through and through this year. We went through a lot of changes. Thank you.
    Hasta 2013. 2014, I'm really excited you're here!