Instilling confidence

photography by Cleodine Photography

There's a blurry but distinct line between babyhood and becoming a little person. It sort of happens overnight. Olivia, now 2.5 years old is a little person. She's fiercely independent and smart as a whip not to mention a sponge. Gone are the days where I can say whatever enters my mind. Because she'll repeat it...let me tell you! To take it even further, she'll ask me what happened or why I did something. 

It actually occurred to me this weekend that her perception is completely impressionable and I am responsible for shaping and building her into the confident woman I want her to be one day. Already...right now! In other words...stop standing in the front of the mirror wondering if your thighs are too big, Johanna. Or stop asking your husband if he can see your belly in this top. {I should mention that every time my husband will respond that I look "hot" or "like an 18 year old" and it's without hesitation}

This is the article that started it all...

I want to teach my daughters that they're beautiful. And as you can witness by a 2.5 year old that now dresses confident! Dress the way you want to dress. It's all about attitude, baby. I love that Olivia expresses herself in stripes and galoshes and a lot of accessories. {notice the crown} I love that the minute she wakes up she wants to throw on a dress over her pajamas and no, I did not teach her that. We are having a princess moment.

And from this day forward, I want to pledge to really try to make an effort to fixate less on my body, imperfections and all, and more on the magical machine that it is. Less on the belly and more on the mega triceps I've developed from carrying babies. Less on my saggy tush and more on the killer calves I've developed from pounding the pavement in heels. Less on my crow's feet and more on my full lips that really showcase red lipstick.

This isn't a post to make myself feel good or point out my best features but rather to take stock of what I say and do in front of my two-very-impressionable gorgeous daughters. That is to say, I would prefer my kids to avoid the path of Miley and adopt the path of Taylor Swift. 

Young, smart, driven, a dash of great style...and a fantastic red lip, natch.