Round table: If you had to pick one word to describe yourself...what would it be?

Have you ever tried to sum up "you" in one word? Just one. It's hard, right? Perhaps you were filling out a form or a social media profile...and the whole world {a bit dramatic, I realize} was going to judge you by that one word - makes you really second guess yourself doesn't it? That one word that defines your character could be misinterpreted. It could come across too strong or too weak. Not colorful enough. Or maybe just too vanilla.

I've contemplated this time after time. Perhaps that's an indication of how much time I do spend on social media but nonetheless, 140 characters to sum up your whole being is not a lot.

I'll get the ball rolling. My word: passionate. It's either 100% or nothing. This can be good or bad. I tend to come on strong. I don't half ass anything. But, when I'm excited about's on! In other words, once I make up my mind about something; don't try to change it. 

What about you? What's your word?