5 things to get you pumped for Fall...

If you're not a Fall person, you probably will want to take a hiatus from this blog because my family drinks.the.fall.koolaid. We wholeheartedly lap it up with long after-dinner walks, sweaters, many mugs of coffee and an obscene amount of snuggling. If this makes you scrunch up your nose...you can't imagine what a scene Christmas is for us. You've been warned.

Here are 5 Fall things to get you in the mood:

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And here's my Fall bucket list this year:
- take the girls to a pumpkin farm
- learn a new Fall-ish cocktail recipe
- go apple picking
- decorate a ceramic skull with metallic paint
- buy bulk candy from Oriental Trading
- watch a scary movie
- buy some cute sweaters for the girlies
- try on halloween costumes ASAP
- bake!
- sleep in