Weekly Wrap Up + Links

Here's what happened in my world this week:
  1. Lola is so darn close to walking. I call this pic "Let me outta here!"
  2. These lovelies are growing around our patio. I adore them.
  3. Yesterday was the first day I test drove these. Shoes just make a girl happy.
  4. Our wonderful nanny took the girls for a play date with their cousins. This pic is just so sweet. I love seeing the cousins together.

Here are some cool things that happened in the rest of the world:
  1. This is a great Fall bootie line up.
  2. Wanna see a beautiful vintage Chicago remodel?
  3. I am so very excited about this restaurant opening. My hubs and I ate at their sister restaurant in South America and it was easily the best meal of my life. 
  4. Iman has some career advice for you. I look forward to this weekly series.