On turning one...for the second time

This is my second first birthday. Well, third actually if you include my own. Still, it never gets old. We are four days away from Lola turning one.

I've been marveling at what life was like a year ago. I was huge and exhausted and anxious...anxious that I wouldn't be able to handle two babies. Anxious that it would be really hard. Anxious that my marriage would suffer. Anxious that I would never get my old body back.

Well, I can tell you we made it and while it's been the hardest year thus far...it's also been kinda the most hilarious. I cannot imagine our lives without Lola. And truly, I think this is how my life was designed...things were just supposed to be this way.

Lola is our buddha baby. She is like a little cherub with big rosy cheeks. She is a pleasure to be around and a total cuddle bunny. She has the sweetest disposition. People often remark on how little she cries. We love her so.

It's a crazy realization when you audible that this is your last baby. You're officially done. When I look at this face though...I gotta tell ya...I'm okay with that. I feel pretty darn lucky to be her mama.

Happy birthday my dear Loli.
We love you.