Officially, undeniably one!

You may remember Olivia in the very same ensemble two years ago. I was tempted to buy Lola something special for her big day but the more I thought about it; I realized how brilliant it would be to frame side-by-side photos of their first birthdays for our gallery wall. Such a difference...observe.

Does this kid have hair or what? It's like a wig.

She was really good for the family party. No crying...just genuinely excited. It was almost as if she knew today was her day. Here's the kicker though - sister did not eat her cake. Not even the frosting.

To say I am concerned would be an understatement. I sucked down a cupcake faster than you can say "what happened to your diet?"

It was a great day. Officially a mom of two toddlers. Oy!

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