Lulu and Georgia

There are certain parts of our home that need a little "zhushing". And sometimes, the mass retailers get a little "been there, done that" for me. It's nice to find a unique piece that eight of your friends don't own. Such was the case with our dining room. I love the renovation but now we need to infuse a little personality. That's when we turned to Lulu and Georgia. They had the necessary zhushing action that our dining room called for.

We chose "Balloons" by Kent Youngstrom; the unframed version. You might have seen it on Instagram.
We took it to be matted and framed and I must say, I absolutely love the final version.

It's the perfect pop of color for our space and the gold frame serves as a great neutralizer leaving the painting as the star of the show. Thank you Lulu and Georgia - we love!

And now you can shop their site, too with a special 20% off code to be used at checkout: 101THINGSILOVE20 

Happy shopping!

* this is a sponsored post