Olivia will be making her preschool debut in less than a month. I know - where does time go?! Naturally, she needed a new, "first day" outfit. And, we all know no outfit is complete without the proper accessories...hi, cute backpack! 

Lucky for my little tot, FabKids outfitted her with the perfect school ensemble. Easy to move in. Colorful. Easy to wash. And guess what? She LOVES this outfit. Her favorite top is easily the gingham one but this star tank is becoming a strong contender. And let's not even get into the adorable, eyelet shorts!

The great thing about FabKids is that it's a monthly subscription...you can choose to shop or skip a month. And each outfit...$39.95. So much value for so much cuteness!

Are you a FabKids fan? Olivia tested, mother approved!