Round table: What's the hardest thing you've overcome?

There are three moments in my life that have defined me as a person thus far. The birth of my two children and my marriage. Outside of that, I've had some not-so-great moments that left me knee deep in adversity however; in the big picture of life, the "radar" as my mother calls it, they were really just a blip on the screen. {I always liked her analogy of life illustrated as helps me put things in perspective.}

That said, by far, the hardest thing I've had to overcome came with the birth of our first daughter, Olivia. Because it wasn't a traditional birthing story and had multiple health would have been easy to let fear take over and give up. Four days of labor will do that to a person!

Moreover, once Olivia entered the world the worry and anxiety didn't had only just begun. She was a 3lb. premature baby who, we knew, would spend months in the NICU. I remember seeing all the happy, new moms leave the hospital with their bundles of joy while our Olivia slept in an incubator for a good two months. Seemed unfair. We never had the comfort and new parent experience of taking a brand, new baby home and trying to "figure the whole thing out." In fact, every day was a roller coaster. When could she get off the breathing tubes? Was she ready to feed on her own? Did she have any infections? Could she go through an entire day without her heart stopping? It was endless. You really just lived for the present hoping that she'd hit at least one milestone.

Then and now, looking back, we knew/know she was in the best possible care. It was a test of our relationship. And truly, the way we overcome all the fear, anxiety and stress of it was supporting each other and granting permission. Permission to be alone when we needed space. Permission to see a friend for a new perspective. And support in the form of hugs and dozens of phone calls when a day was especially trying. 

There's no simple formula for facing a difficult time in life but I did learn that one person can make a world of a difference in how you get through it. That's our story. And I'm so glad it's behind us. You'd never know what a fighter she was looking at her today!

What's the hardest thing you've overcome?