Just Fab lives up to its name!

Let's Get Dressed

It's been awhile since I've done a Stiletto Steals...and if you've never witnessed my intense infatuation with shoes...just click here. I love all kinds of shoes from pumps to flats hence my excitement when Lisa turned me onto Just Fab. Not only is it the brainchild of Miss Fabulosity herself but it's right on trend.

Let's just say I joined this month and I am completed infatuated with my three pairs all priced @ $39.95. Yep, that's right...every.single.pair. is $39.95. In fact, tomorrow I should be receiving one of the pairs on my wish list above.

Can you guess which one?

Follow 'em on Twitter, Insta and Facebook for awesome sales on top of the above price. Swear! I love when blogging and shopping intersect!