Weekly Wrap Up + Links

Here's what happened in my world this week:
  1. I swapped an awesome Tinley Road skirt from Lisa via BISTM.
  2. We spotted our first baby bunny in the yard.
  3. Someone decided she wanted to start standing.
  4. Tried a new juicing joint. Went two days in a row.
  5. Olivia is such a girlie girl these days.
  6. I broke out the flamingo shorts...and it felt good.

Here are some cool things that happened in the rest of the world:
  1. 26 ways to wake up a tired wardrobe.
  2. A phenomenal neon dress.
  3. Hawks won! Today is the parade in the city.
  4. I just discovered Just Fab...and it's fabulous.
  5. I love this Kate Spade dress.
  6. Gonna try my hand at this strawberry-gin cocktail recipe this weekend.