The Money Pit Series: dining room progress report

Here's a refresher on the old dining room:

This room has SO much potential. Wanna see where we are at now?


I am excited. Full stop. It's quite the scene at my house this week but the result is well worth it. 

Let's review what's been completed:
- wainscoting on the walls
- white wall color applied to the panels
- wall color chosen for the top portion
- new chandy
- chairs were picked up to be reupholstered

What's left:
- new drapes
- new rug
- sideboard for our china
- art and accents {pretty please a bar cart}

As you all remember, we had a tough time choosing fabric for the chairs but we went with this:

And here are some of the remaining pieces I am currently on the hunt for:
The Money Pit Series

The Money Pit Series by johannapalka on Polyvore

Progress right?

Follow me on my journey...while I go broke.