Today I turn 35.

That means I am that much closer to 40.

I spoke with my parents on the phone last night. {on speaker phone...always a fun experience with them talking at the same time} My mom tried to soften the blow by telling me that I've accomplished soooo much. Then my dad basically told me I'm neurotic for working so much on top of kids. It was a productive call that somehow ended on a high note of politics. I assume you already know how much I adore this topic. Getting old is really the shizna!

True, I have two wonderful girlies, an awesome job, great friends and a lovely home that my amazing husband busts his hump for...but man, I feel old. Which is interesting because even last year I touted not caring about age.

That was before my butt started sagging a little bit more...and it's true...your boobs start a race to see which one can hit your feet before it's all over. But before this becomes an ultra negative post, let me tell you the positives about turning 35:
  • You can spend more $ on skincare justifying to your husband that good skincare will preserve his beautiful bride's face like the day you said "I do".
  • Confidence. I have no idea why it comes on so strong but business/social outings/networking becomes more like a fun challenge versus a serious case of the sweats.
  • It's are wiser and you can really school those 25 year olds. More on that in my next Round Table.
  • Honesty. The older you get the more rights you acquire to really say whatever the hell you want. It's kinda awesome!
  • Fashion. You really know what looks good on your body and what doesn't.
  • Relationships. The people you surround yourself with - the relationships are unbreakable. You've been through some schtuff.
  • Family. There's a different level of appreciation. 
So, cheers to turning 35. Cheers to this body and all it's been through. 
I think I like the ring of "36" better. Even numbers anyone?