Round table: What's the one quality you admire the most about your mate?

I'll go first because I saw it in action this week! Selflessness. My husband is the most selfless man I've ever met. He continues to put any and everyone first and himself last on a daily basis. It could be work. It could be family. It could be parents. It doesn't matter if he's exhausted or needing some alone time - he continues to surpass all my expectations.

I worked a 4-day trade show that just wrapped up yesterday. Grueling days on my feet that had me leaving the house at 7:15am and returning at 7:30pm. Despite having worked a full day and putting the girls to bed, bathed and read, he did it all with a smile on his face and since we hosted a coworker of mine from Cali, he even cooked dinner one night. 

This is just one recent example and I realize this may seem a bit gushy but it's hard not to acknowledge that and feel fortunate. Sometimes I wonder how I got so darn lucky? I can only hope our girls acquire these traits and find a great guy like their dad. 

But enough gushing about our main man. What do you love about your mate?