Cinco de Sunday

Cinco de Mayo holds many-a-memory for our family.

For starters, it was the day that I entered the hospital two years ago to begin a 4-day labor for Miss Olivia. {how fitting, if that doesn't tell you something about her personality...I don't know what will}

It also means the obvious - Olivia is turning TWO this week!

And because Mom & Dad can't belly up at a beach bar to sip margaritas and nosh on fresh ceviche we did the next best thing. We drove into the city, got tacos from our favorite taqueria and parked the girls in Lincoln Park for a mexican fiesta before heading into the zoo.

We are literally lapping up the sun and fresh air these days and it makes the girls so happy. Lola is such a great baby; which helps because her older sister is constantly on the run.

And what trip would be complete without a churro. Evidence above as Olivia could barely close her mouth. Ahhh to be a kid!