Mom, I love you.

Kids need routines. We have a bed time routine with both girls and two weeks ago Olivia really surprised me. It went a little something like this...

Every night we bath, brush teeth, get in pj's and sit in the glider for our "vocab" sess. Liv was particularly tired Saturday night so I just chatted with her. We pointed out some body parts and counted out loud. Usually at the end of our chat. I kiss one cheek and say "I" -- kiss the other cheek and say "love" -- kiss her mouth and say "you"! I love you!

Well, Saturday she took the lead! I started my usual routine until she interrupted me and grabbed my face in her tiny little hands proclaiming:

"MOM! I ruv you" This was followed by a big ol' smack-a-rooney on the lips.

I busted out laughing because she caught me so off guard.

And let it be known that this is the first time my eldest daughter has told me she loved me.

Pretty cool.