Confession: I have an out of control sweet tooth
Fact: not anymore!

Because I can't work out as much as I'd like to and truly get in a routine; I decided to do something for myself in efforts to get clean, healthy and energized. The answer was JUICING.

It all started with Lent. I gave up Starbucks and bread. {still don't miss 'em so I plan to carry that on} And if you follow me on Instagram, I've been posting my juice trials. As a result, I received many emails and texts hence a post seemed fitting.

Aside from the above motivations, it's true that I had a few more lbs. to shed and while I don't believe in straight juicing - I do believe in detoxing. So I made my own plan up and it works for me. It's been 12 days thus far and I don't cheat on the weekends, either.

As of today, I feel - energized, awake, bright, clearer and less lethargic. And I'm hoping that with any luck, my skin will start to look more "glow-y" too! 

Here's what I do:
- coffee in the AM. Not giving that up!
- a Vitamineral Green shake for lunch {thank you Jen for this reco}
- a juice for snack: Blue Print, Peeled, Whole Foods...doesn't matter
- fruit or a piece of cheese before dinner
- ...and a regular dinner as always

The results:
I've shaved off 5 lbs. My clothes fit better. And I'm not starving. I don't eat sugar throughout the day anymore and I don't crave something sweet in the evenings any longer either. Between Lent and juicing, I have to tell you, cutting bad habits was a cinch. Sure, the first few days were rough but I cannot recommend juicing enough. 

Do it! I love how I can get all my fruits and veggies from a couple drinks a day. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go like me! Happy Juicing!

Disclosure: Not all juice is created equal. When I'm not in the city, I grab my juices from WF and Blue Print is my juice of choice. If you want a real treat, try the cashew-vanilla-agave-cinnamon juice. Delish. If I'm in the city, I always grab Peeled. Partly because they are my client but also because they have amazing flavors and combos. Get the Forever Young with a Status Update booster. You will feel amazing! 

I am not being paid to do this post.