Guest Blogger: Lisa of Stilettos & Diaper Bags

Mom of two. Check.
Entrepeneur. Check.
Fellow fashionista. Check.
Adorable blogger. Check.

Not a bad set of traits if you ask me. Meet Lisa of Stilettos & Diaper Bags. Good things do come in small packages. She's a pint size mommy blogger who'll force you to look at your closet in a whole new light!

1. Silk Blouse-I would go with bright bold colors.
2. Short Sleeved printed blouse- these are great for everyday wear and can be worn well into the summer months.
3. Bell Bottom Jeans- I love these for spring but I rock mine year round for sure.
4. Denim shorts-Great paired with long sleeve blouses and layers in the spring and then with tanks and suit tops in the summer.
5. Wedges- Everyone needs a great pair of neutral wedges, period.
6. Sandals-Love the idea of grabbing a pair of these in a pastel color for this year. Can be pair with anything and again can be worn into the summer months.
7. Tote Bag- Great prints and bold colors will take you from spring to summer and from a weekend bag to one for the beach.
8. Layered Necklaces- I love these year round, but you can find so many more in the spring months. I always stock up, I just love the layered necklace look.
9. Turquoise Statement Ring- Nothing says spring like teal. It's a staple for me for sure.
10. Coral Bracelet- I feel the same way about coral as I do about turquoise. They are MUST HAVES for the spring.
11. Aviator Sunglasses- I get a new pair of sunnies every year. I especially loves these because of the blue hued lenses.
12. Wide Brim Hat- These are a must for me year round, but a great straw or lighter material one is perfect for spring. Again, this can be worn well into the summer months to shade you face from the sun.

Silk blouse

J Brand bell bottom jeans
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J Crew j crew

Sam edelman
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Jules Smith charmed jewelry

BaubleBar bead bracelet

Free people hat