Guest Blogger: Rox the Fox

Fanzy is one of those fashion bloggers that lures you in real quick. She is stunning for one. And her posts always have a level of dry sarcasm which I like. With NYC as her back drop, her style posts have an editorial caliber that rival a Vogue spread so get ready to be glued...this beauty knows a thing or two about attitude, fashion and a good camera angle. Here's her Spring Essentials!

Spring Wish List

Although Spring is currently experiencing performance anxiety in my part of the world, it's never too late to play "If the Internets were my closet" and curate a wardrobe consisting of Spring-time fantasies. 

1. White Jeans
Spring is characterized by cool, light colors, which is why white pants are an absolute must. These beautiful high-waisted, cropped jeans from Alexander Wang are a direct by product of a tete-a-tete with Freddy Kugar, or another slasher character of the horror movie variety. Paired with a sweater, these jeans could be a perfect transition piece into Spring. Subsequently, they can be paired with a T-shirt to exudate cool, summer vibes.

2. Convertible Cross-body bags
This spring, fannies are in, and hands are out. A cross-body bag, such as this Tory Burch Robinson convertible,  is designed with a belt loop at the back so you can wear it as a chic fanny pack, and allow your arms and hands the freedom they so vehemently desire. Think of all the great things your hands desired to do, but were previously bound by purse handles and such. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Denim Overalls
Nothing screams new beginnings than reminiscing about our prepubescent years, clad in acne-laden faces and denim overalls (unless you were born after the 90's, than discard this point). I chose these Birkin Denim overalls because they feature a wide-leg bottom, perfect for curve accentuation and height boost for us shorter gals, and a denim waist belt. This spring is all about nostalgia and bladder infections. 

4. Round Sunglasses
While on the subject of nostalgia and all things retro, round sunglasses are hip as hell, and allow us all to materialize our childhood desires of looking like John Lennon. Nothing conveys the feeling of Spring better than these cool, bohomian sunnies. Paired with the aforementioned denim overalls, you'll be screaming 70's chic on Abbey Road.  

3. Metallic Shoes
The juxtaposition this Spring is that, while we reminisce the past with denim overalls and round glasses, we also pay homage to the future with all things metallic.  Wearing a metallic dress or jacket can seem a little daunting, so let your feet do the wearing. A marriage between oxfords and heels, I chose these Shakuhachi Low Split Brogues because they incorporate not one, but two of Spring's greatest trends; metallic and cut-out details. These can be perfectly paired with the aforementioned white pants as an easy way to punch-up a more monochromatic outfit. The shinnier the metallics, the better. Why would we procure anything less than a psuedo mirror to affirm notions of our vanity?

What's on your Spring Wish List?