Weekly Wrap Up

Here's what happened in my world this week:
  1. I snagged some treats and a tea from my favorite coffee house in Chi.
  2. Grandpa came over for a spontaneous gyro dinner.
  3. I spent over an hour in Target - there is so much fun stuff for Spring.
  4. Speaking of Target - Threshold added the finishing touches to my family room.
  5. I went to Vegas for work. That is officially the most bizarre city. Really.
  6. I missed my littles. Coming home is always the best.
Here are some cool things that happened in the rest of the world:
  1. It's gladiator season. Get these!
  2. Bunny crafts for the main event next weekend.
  3. We get a reward for not bringing a carry-on? Yes!
  4. 19 smoothie recipes.
  5. Catherine Malandrino for Kohls!