The Money Pit Series: redo my powder room!

The family room is to come in a few days. It really looks fabulous. The splashes of color make such a difference.

Now it's time to revisit the powder room. I am completely stumped on wallpaper. I've looked through six books and found nothing so if any of you readers have a great source - please do share! I am looking for whimsical and fun. {see link above for ideas}

Here's our progress report.

We were undecided as to whether we wanted a modern vanity look or an antique bathroom vanity. I think we are sitting somewhere in between. Then it became a question of do we want a single bath vanity or something with a counter. Here's the one we chose:
It's simple and clean. We'll replace the top for something granite and put in a new faucet and handles. I love the base. Storage below and it reflects our kitchen aesthetic nicely which is key because the powder room sits right next to it.

We want a custom mirror to hang, too. These four are in the running:

We are going to put up our own wainscoting. If you don't know what this is like I didn't - it refers to the wood paneling that hits the halfway mark along the walls creating a more finished, polished look:

And we want the finished product to look something like this:

Easy right? The vanity should be in by the end of March! 
{fingers crossed}

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