The Money Pit Series: family room facelift pt. 2

This weekend was a productive one. Last week I gave you a preview of our family room makeover. The room was too dark and the pieces were simply worn down. My husband slaved away on Friday & Saturday and it paid off. The room has an entirely new feel and we're not even finished. Take a look...

Our dingy rug had seen better days. And while it lasted four years with it's fair share of kid spills, adult spills and the occasional dog was time to pitch it. This rug had nine lives and we used them all up.

We took reader advice and ordered the Argonne rug. We love it and it arrived in three days! Score! It brought the entire room to life. We needed some splash of color and it brought the brick out around the fireplace. Win-win!

The mantle is finished and we couldn't be happier. It's not so matchy-matchy and also adds a nice "pop" to the family room. Remember this? I need some help in the styling department but that will come later with a special sponsored post in the works!

What a difference right? Blah to BAM! The room is so much cozier and sophisticated. It feels adult. And it should...we spend so much time in here.

The "Grecian Green" came out beautiful. It's calming. I've never nailed a paint color in one sitting.

This corner needs some love but I hope to make small changes with that upcoming sponsored post. The table will go, lamp will stay.

It works for now. I don't think we could ever get rid of that chair. It oozes comfort.

On the "to-do" list:
- shutters for the windows
- style the mantle with some fun, colorful pieces
- replace the ottoman/coffee table
- replace the old end table by the leather chair
- scope out some sort of shelving to display other knick knacks and books

What do you guys think? Any styling tips for me? Ideas? 
Bring it!