Shiny and new.

Having talented friends is a topic I never tire of. And any chance I get to brag about my friends...well, I will. It's really cool to see how different we all are. You can garner advice on just about any topic under the sun. A product of being in your 30's, I suppose.

Today I want to brag about my friend, Jen. You may follow her addictive blog. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and she and her sister own their own jewelry line. t+j designs. It's not hard to find an excuse to spend money on their site. And truth be told, every time I wear one of their pieces - I receive mega compliments.

Well, today I am sharing their new line of iPhone cases. Not because I was gifted one or anything like that - because I wasn't. Just sharing because I think they are really rad. And I believe in sharing the love.

Pretty amazeballs, right? You're welcome!