Inspiration: 2013

It's funny that I posted "2013 will be my year" because really, I selfishly think every year will be my year and hey...why not? Why settle for the current version of yourself when you can always improve. Sorry to get all Dr. Phil on you...

Last year I was inspired by color. This year I am inspired by different things. Sure, I will always be a color junkie but I think this is the year of pattern, metallics, POLKA DOTS and monochromatic color palettes. That's according to me, of course. I basically picked several facets of my life according to my Pinterest boards and chose an image that really gets me going. Above is the end result.

In a nutshell, I want to wear polka dot dresses with leopard coats while sporting metallic shoes and eat scrumptious food in an ombre dining room with a fish tail braid in my hair. Normal, right?