Sole Society is my soul sister.

I don't think I've mentioned my latest shoe website obsession. You guys really need to check out Sole Society pronto. And no, this is not a sponsored post although I wish it was...I'm talking to you SS! 

The concept is simple enough - take fashionable shoes and cut out the middle man thus enabling normal gals like us to purchase well made, high quality kicks for a fraction of the cost. Oh, and they partner with the big dogs like Vince Camuto and Nordstrom so being on trend is a no-brainer.

They styles rival the likes of Jcrew, even Manolo. And after taking stock of my closet - I've been hanging onto some shoes that have seen better days. It's easy to justify a re-investment of my shoe-ventory. 

Seriously - check it out. And while I'm here, I think these booties are near perfection. The Aster comes in three colors, has the perfect stacked heel and they're $53! C'mon now....