I think that went really well.

Ahhhh...the holidays. They really are magical aren't they?

Teaching Olivia that Santa says "ho ho ho" seemed the perfect cue for Sunday's Santa pics. Let me just give you a little teaser of our weekend. Friday = dog tired from work and fell asleep @ 8:30pm only to be woken up @ 1am sick as a dog. Saturday = cancelled party plans and spent the day laid out sipping on Vitamin Water. Sunday = get your s*it together, Johanna or Santa isn't happening in these parts.

So, what does any mom do? Hike up her proverbial skinny jeans {which felt a whole lot looser, thank you stomach flu} and ventured off to the mall to take the kids to see Santa...all the while praying that the morning's bagel stayed down. {it did, in case you were wondering}

And what do I have to show for it? Well, the above and lots of unwrapped gifts on the dining room table.

But hey - we are going to have Christmas, dammit!
Even if it kills me...quite literally.